Limerick dance star shows off his moves ahead of ‘Fusion Dance Fest’

Kevin Prendergast shows off his Irish dance moves ahead of Fusion Dance Fest

An Irish dance star has released a short video to showcase his skills ahead of the Fusion Fighters’ upcoming scholarship competition.

The video features a performance from Kevin Prendergast – of the Irish World Academy in Limerick. Prendergast has competed at a local, national and global level and gained 5th place in the World Irish Dance championships.

Now he is looking to the future of Irish dance, which is continuing to grow in popularity.

He told Ireland Calling: “I hope to be part of bringing Irish dance in a new direction and am inspired by groups such as Prodijig and Fusion Fighters in a big way.”

Prendergast’s audition video sees him dancing to Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’ and showing off some great ‘Irish fusion’ moves.

The Fusion Fighters’ scholarship is a six day event at the Millennium Theatre/Limerick Institute of Technology. It runs from August 8 -13.

Fusion Fighters’ Facebook event page says: “The 6 day long Festival includes workshops, seminars, video projects, evening events and culminating in a student showcase at the Millennium Theatre in Limerick.

Project Fusion Fighters’ website says: “Not only is the Festival a great way to finally bring together the community that Fusion Fighters have built online these past few years, but they will also be looking to recruit dancers for future corporate performances and for a full scale show planned in 2017.

“This opportunity is the perfect place for aspiring dancers to break into the professional scene by learning from renowned choreographers, each with their own unique performance styles. As well as picking up a range of new skills, it’s also a brilliant chance to work alongside other like-minded dancers from all over the World.”

The competition is open to dancers from all over the world. Check out Fusion Fighters’ website for more information.

The following audition videos are only short as each entrant has to restrict their performance to 16 bars of music. This allows them to really focus and show what they can do.

Prendergast’s video has been viewed thousands of times since being uploaded onto Fusion Fighters’ website and Facebook page and has been picked up by many Irish media outlets.