Liam Neeson admits that wasn’t his butt in the movie

Liam Neeson admits that wasn’t his butt in the movie

Liam Neeson has revealed that he is self-conscious about his ‘Irish butt’ and drafted in a stunt double to play him during a nude scene in one of his movies.

The Taken star is known as a badass of Hollywood and it seems he takes that title quite literally.

Liam Neeson admits that wasn’t his butt in the movie

Neeson was speaking to Andy Cohen on his Watch What Happens Next Show when he made the revelation.

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He was required to get naked and show off his rear in the 2014 comedy movie A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Charlize Theron famously placed a flower between his cheeks in the scene.

However, we now know that it wasn’t the Ballymena star’s assets we were viewing onscreen, but that of a stunt double.

Neeson explained: “Mark Vanselow is my stunt coordinator, we’re working on our 24th film together.

“When we were doing that movie – I hate my Irish butt, OK? I said to Mark, ‘As a sign of our friendship, would you ever do this scene where Charlize Theron puts a daisy in your butt?’

“And he said, ‘Sure’.”

So there you have it.

Neeson added that he was extremely grateful to his friend. He said: “I gave him a big hug afterwards, I said there’s no f***ing way anyone’s going to see my Irish butt.”

Here is YouTube video comprising of some of the highlight so of the movie. Take a look at the famous scence below.

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