Learn the moves for Ireland’s biggest maypole dance

Learn Cork's midsummer maypole dance with ProdiJIG

This summer Cork is hosting its annual Midsummer festival – and organisers will be staging Ireland’s biggest Maypole dance.
It is a tradition for the maypole dance to take place at the festival as it is an important summer ritual.

Everybody is welcome to join in and the organisers have released videos to show visitors the dance move that will be used at this summer’s dance.
Learn Cork's midsummer maypole dance with ProdiJIG
The dance is inspired by Irish dance stars ProdiJIG and their hugely successful show ProdiJIG: The Revolution.
Anyone wanting to take part in Ireland’s biggest maypole dance is advised to learn the moves and head to Fitzgerald Park in Cork on June 18th to strut their stuff.
The video below shows ProdiJIG’s choreographer, Alan Kenefick, showing some simple(ish) dance moves – which get a little more complex as the video goes on.
While they may seem simple, it will certainly be impressive to see a huge crowd of people performing the steps in unison on a hot summer’s day.
ProdiJIG will also be bringing the show to Cork in June. They will perform at the Cork Opera House on 14th-25th June.
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling