Movie trailer released for The Last Duel – filmed all across Ireland

Movie trailer released for The Last Duel – filmed all across Ireland

The trailer for Matt Damon’s latest movie which was shot in Ireland has now been released.

The Last Duel was directed by Hollywood legend Ridley Scott and tells the true story of one of the last legally sanctioned duels to have taken place in France.

The movie also stars Ben Affleck, Jodie Comer and Adam Driver. A joint statement was released that said: “This film is an effort to retell the story of a heroic woman from history whom most people haven’t heard of.”

The movie is set in 14th century France, and the wife of Damon’s character played by Comer claims she has been raped by his best friend (Driver).

Damon’s character challenges him to a duel to the death to settle the score.

The movie was shot at numerous locations around Ireland including Cahir Castle in Tipperary and Bective Abbey in Co Meath. Filming also took place in Dublin, Wicklow and Kilkenny.

The trailer is sure to get fans excited about the cinema release of The Last Duel which is scheduled for October.

The cast and crew enjoyed several months of filming in Ireland and took in a lot of the sights during their stay.

Matt Damon in particular bonded with the country during his stay. He spent several months living in Dalkey, Co Dublin during one of the covid lockdowns and became an honourary Irishman.

The Good Will Hunting star said: “It’s incredible, one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.

“I can’t think of any place else you’d rather want to be in a two kilometre radius of.”