Is this the last time you read about Garth Brooks?

A Dublin technology firm has developed an app that will erase music star Garth Brooks from your internet browser.

New app to delete Garth Brooks from the internet. Photo Copyright - Steve Jurvetson CC2
“Garth Blocks” is a Google Chrome plugin that finds and deletes any reference to the country singer.
The people of Ireland are massive fans of Garth Brooks but even they have got tired of the endless media attention on the on-off on-off Croke Park concerts saga.
The story has dominated the Irish news in recent months, as a dispute with Dublin council resulted in some of his concerts being cancelled. More than 400,000 people in Ireland bought tickets to see the singer, and the cancellations have cause plenty of controversy.
However, EightyTwenty, a digital media firm based in Dublin have decided that enough is enough. The app was developed so that people who are sick of hearing about Garth Brooks don’t have to put up with it anymore.
If you would like to eliminate Garth Brooks from your internet then go to chromewebstore to download ‘Garth Blocks’ now.