Is this teenager Ireland’s youngest stuntman?

Fionn Condrenas - Teenage Irish stunt driver is already appearing in movies and TV series

An Irish teenager is following in his father’s footsteps and making a big name for himself – as a professional stunt driver.

Fionn Condrenas is only 13 years old but has already appeared on popular TV shows and movies such as Vikings and The First Wave.
Fionn got the bug when his father Brendan – who is also a stunt driver – started taking him out to teach him a few manoeuvres and tricks of the trade.
Fionn Condrenas - Teenage Irish stunt driver is already appearing in movies and TV series
The Co Wicklow teenager really took to it and practices several hours a week. He is now a Level 3 Precision Driver.
His mother Lisa, 39, told the Irish Sun: “When Fionn tells people what he does, some people don’t believe it at first — but then they see his footage and they think it’s really cool.
Fionn started when he was eight, but some of the precision driving techniques are difficult to master as there is a lot of use of the handbrake and clutch — and with him being so small, we had to improvise.
“Everyone was amazed to see this small kid do reverse 180s and perfect high-speed parallel parks.
“Then they’d get a laugh to see him hopping out and taking his kiddie booster seat with him. People queue up to get in the car alongside him, as they’re just amazed someone so young is able to do what he does.
He hasn’t had any accidents, as he drives on a purpose-designed track. It pushes your driving limits and you will lose control, but it’s an open space with no obstacles so a very safe location.
“Fionn wants to continue with his stunt driving in the future, and he is working on other qualifications to gain entry to Stunt Guild Ireland and UK Stunt Register.
“He has made a lot of sacrifices to get to the level he’s at. But he loves it and he is totally committed and passionate — and always striving to improve his skills.”
Both Brendan and Fionn are part of Stunt Drive Ireland – a family run firm that train stunt drive performers and provide corporate events as well as events for stag or hen parties. More about Stunt Drive Ireland.
Take a look at Fionn in action in the videos below.

This one is from the Stunt Drive Ireland YouTube channel