Irishman’s faith in people is restored by St Patrick’s Day revellers

A note from some St Patrick's Day revellers restored one Irishman's faith in people

An Irishman has said that his ‘faith in people’ had been restored by a group of St Patrick’s Day revellers who caused some expensive damage on their night out.

They certainly wouldn’t have been the only ones who partied a bit too hard over the weekend as the world went green for St Patrick’s Day.

The lads had gone to Kinsale to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on Friday night. The party continued the following day when Ireland beat England in the Six Nations and prevented their rivals from achieving a record breaking run of victories.

As the drinks flowed the guys got more and more out of control and after one thing led to another one of the group fell through somebody’s front window in a residential area.

The group then left the scene, leaving the owner with no idea who had just caused the damage to his home, and the police with little evidence to investigate.

However, the following morning they were man enough and thoughtful enough to face up to what had happened the night before and make steps to put it right.

The man’s son, Nick McCarthy, told the story of what happened on his Facebook page, and said his faith in humanity had been restored.

Nick’s post has captured the imagination of the public and has received tens of thousands of shares, comments and reactions.

Take a look below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling