Irish women ‘Riverdance for the boys in green’

Irish women Riverdance in Lille after Ireland's win over Italy

Irish soccer fans in France have been making friends with fellow fans from all over Europe over the last 10 days.
In the last week we have seen video footage of Irish people reveling with Sweden fans, serenading a French woman, helping an elderly couple to change their car tyre and having a sing-off with England supporters.

Up until now the videos nearly all featured Irishmen providing the laughter and the craic – well now it’s the turn of the Irish ladies.
Irish women Riverdance in Lille after Ireland's win over Italy
A great video taken from outside the Tír na nÓg Irish pub in Lille after Ireland’s dramatic late win against Italy.
It was a fantastic result and ensured that Ireland progressed to the knockout stage of the tournament to play France on Sunday.
Irish fans were delighted and in high spirits. This time the men let the women take centre stage as they stood in a circle around Maria Foley from Kilkenny and Carol Keenan from Westmeath, who performed some Irish dancing.
Maria and Carol came prepared dance – they were dressed in full Irish dancing regalia and enjoyed dancing the night away as they guys chanted ‘Riverdance for the Boys in Green’.
Take a look at the videos below.

The French have been particularly taken with Ireland and even though the two teams are set to go against each other at the weekend, Le Parisien TV has released a compilation video of their favourite moments from the Irish fans at Euro 2016 so far.
Take a look at the video below.