Original of Irish Proclamation valued at €120k to go under the hammer

An original copy of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic is to be auctioned this weekend and could be sold for as much as €120,000.

The historic document is one of few remaining copies of the Proclamation, issued by the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army during the Easter Rising.
Original of Irish Proclamation valued at €120k to go under the hammer
It was read out by Pádraig Pearse at the General Post Office in Dublin in 1916, as the Irish rebels declared their independence from British rule.

There were 500 copies printed by the rebels, but most were destroyed in the conflict of the Rising in the following days.

The Easter Rising is undoubtedly one of the key events in Irish history. It led to several years of violence and struggles before Ireland was granted its status as an independent republic.

It is little surprise that such a significant document will attract the attention of numerous buyers when it goes under the hammer.

It will be sold by Whyte’s Auction House in Dublin on 15th September.

Stuart Purcell, head of collectables at Whyte’s said: “This example was restored and conserved to museum standard in 2005, and is framed and glazed. This is the ultimate Irish collectable, sans pareil.

“There has been a lot of interest by the public in this particular piece so far — all of whom have been Irish. The recession is well and truly dead that’s for sure.”

If you would like to own your own copy of the Irish Proclamation of Independence to celebrate your heritage, but don’t have €120,000 to spend, then why not take a look at some beautifully designed artwork that pays tribute to the leaders of the Easter Rising.

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