Irish nine-year-old scares Simon Cowell

Nine-year-old Irish girl wows judges on Britain's Got Talent

As we all know, Simon Cowell can be very tough when he judges some of the contestants that appear on TV talent shows.

However, it seems that he has a soft side – so soft in fact that he looked very scared of a 9-year-old Irish girl!
Jesse-Jane McParland, a farmer’s daughter from Co Armagh, was appearing on this years’ series of Britain’s Got Talent. She was keen to impress Cowell because he “is the boss of One Direction”.
Nine-year-old Irish girl wows judges on Britain's Got Talent
As she spoke to Simon you could see the judges and audience members hearts begin to melt.
Before her performance started they showed a video clip. Jesse-Jane said that she had ‘started’ six years ago. It seemed as though she was set to perform a dance routine.
However, there was huge shock on the judges’ faces when she began her performance. She stood with her back to the judges and turned her head around to reveal a very serious and angry expression on her face.
She pulled out a sword and started to make her way expertly around the stage in a routine that included several complicated moves.
Jesse-Jane was very graceful as she crossed the stage with a series of cartwheels, kicks and flips, all the time keeping the sword under perfect control.
At the end she received a standing ovation from the judges and audience members. Cowell even offered her a job as his security guard!
Take a look at Jesse-Jane in action below.