Irish grandad stunned to meet baby grandson for the first time

Grandad surprised by baby grandson

An Irish grandad was moved to tears when his daughter appeared in his pub with her baby son who he had never met before.
Paul Dunwoody thought he was in for another normal day at work at the Elphin Bar in Baldoyle until the unexpected visitors walked through the door.
Grandad surprised by baby grandson
Paul’s daughter Elaine lives in Australia, and gave birth to a baby boy called Nathan three months ago.
The family back home were thrilled with the news but thought they would have to wait a while to meet the new arrival because Elaine was struggling to get a passport for Nathan.
Instead, she decided to travel back to Ireland without telling her dad, and give him the wonderful surprise of his baby grandson.
The staff at the Elphon Bar were in on the secret and someone was on hand to record Paul’s reaction.
“I’ve never seen my dad cry, he’s usually as hard as nails,” Elaine laughs.
“He was so shocked that they had to give him the rest of the day off work!” she added.
Take a look at the video for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore