Could this be the next Irish NBA star?

Cian Sullivan Irish basketballer

Ireland could soon have their very own NBA superstar as 19-year-old Cian Sullivan has been offered a five-year scholarship with a top US university.
Sullivan stands a massive seven foot tall and his love for the game has already taken him across the Atlantic in pursuit of his dream of becoming an NBA star.
Cian Sullivan Irish basketballer
After spending just a few months attending prep school, the Tralee native was spotted on court and offered the five-year scholarship at LaSelle University in Philadelphia.
He has been told to spend a year developing his skills and then will be in contention for a place in the college’s men’s team, the Explorers.
Sullivan’s school coach Mike Hart said: “He likes the weight room and is getting stronger. In two years I can see him being 230 pounds. He loves the game and is willing to work hard.”
If he does make it to the NBA, then Sullivan will become the latest in just a handful of Irish players to have made it to basketball’s elite level.
Traditionally it has proven difficult for Irish players to break into American sports due to the lack of participation in Ireland. This means talented youngsters don’t have enough quality competitors to drive each other forwards.
The majority of Irish sporting talent generally funnels into more mainstream sports such as hurling, Gaelic football, rugby and football.
The scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for Sullivan to develop his game against talented opposition and also tap into the wealth of experience available to him from his coaches.
Here is a video of Sullivan in action.