How to Speak Dublin – Foils Arms and Hog

Foil Arms and Hog

Irish trio Foil Arms and Hog have been entertaining us for years with their comedy shorts and their latest video is no different.
How to Speak Dublin sees a group of foreigners attending a class to learn the local dialect in the capital.Foil Arms and Hog
The teacher is full of enthusiasm as he tells his students that names are transformed by Dubliners to ‘drop a syllable and add an O’.
Next is the possible ways to use the word head in Dublin. The language students impress their teacher with examples such as “the head on your man” and “the bleedin’ head on ya”.
The group then learn the various pronouns in Dublin starting with Yi, You, Yiz, You’iz and so on.
After a bit of encouragement, one of the students Ramesh really gets the accent down to a tee, much to the delight of his teacher.
As always, the performances are convincing and comical and are certain to make you laugh.
Take a look at the video for yourself.