Take a look around the incredible Glin Castle

Glin Castle is up for sale

Imagine looking out from atop of your own Irish castle at the glorious view of the Shannon estuary, before taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens and then settling down for dinner with your loved ones.

That can only be a dream for most of us but we can do te next best thing – take a look inside the grounds and buildings of the incredible Glin Castle.

The castle sits on a 380 acre estate, and dates back to the 13th century, when it was owned by the Fitzgerald family, also known as the Knights of Glin.

The castle is packed with history, luxury and comfort and has been an inspiration to artists throughout the generations.

Ogham, the mysterious language of the trees The Origins of the Ogham alphabet are still a mystery for many historians, but it is primarily thought to be an early form of the Irish written Language. Bealtaine Fire

Take a look throughout the grounds. Look like your sort of thing?

Written by Andrew Moore