Gard and nun show off their soccer skills in Limerick

A Gard and Nun play keepy-uppy during a religious festival in limerick

A great video taken in Limerick recently shows a gard playing keepy-uppy with a nun.

Garda O’Connell of the Henry Street Community Policing was present at the Our Lady of Limerick Triduum and festival.

He used a bit of his down time to enjoy a kickabout on the street and was joined by the Dominican Sisters.

The nun who joined him showed that we shouldn’t judge book by its cover by displaying a level that has most of us looking on in envy.

The nun was one of four Dominican Sisters who had arrived in Limerick from Nashville, Tennessee in 2016.

Both she and the guard showed off some silky skills during the festival, which took place between the 25th-27th May at the St Saviours Dominican Church, Glentworth Street, Limerick.

Perhaps Ireland’s soccer coaches Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane should keep an eye on them.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling