Over-consumption can see you gain 4lbs in a single day over Christmas

Over-consumption can see you gain 4lbs in a single day over Christmas

Over-consumption of food and alcohol over the festive period could see us gain as much as 4lbs in a single day according to a leading fitness instructor.

Most of us look forward to over-indulging in all things delicious over Christmas from snacks and drinks in the morning to the traditional roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Over-consumption can see you gain 4lbs in a single day over Christmas

A few more drinks and chocolates is normally enough to see us snoozing on the sofa by early evening with our loved ones all around us.

However, this annual occasion of greed and gluttony can lead to us gaining as much as 4lbs on Christmas Day alone.

That is according to leading fitness specialist Brian Keane, who said: “You could gain 3-4lbs from extra food, sweets and alcohol but that’s all ‘weight’ not body fat.

“Putting on weight is increasing the number on a scale, putting on body fat is increasing the amount of fat on your body.”

He added: “Excess food, too much sodium and a large intake of alcohol can all make you gain ‘weight’ on the scale.

“You might feel uncomfortable and bloated for a day (possibly even two days) but by the end of the week, that will nearly all be gone again, once you go back to your normal routine of course.

“One day doesn’t make you fat and overweight. The same way as one day doesn’t make you lean and skinny.”

Brian advises that it is OK to treat yourself to a few delicious snacks and drinks but it is best to do so in moderation.

He said: “There’s no avoiding the extra food or drink; but you can control how much of it you consume.

“Try eating your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner over the Christmas period; but if you want some Quality Street chocolates, mulled wine or an egg nog, then have it too.

“The danger is really in the dose. You could do this every single night over Christmas; and the damage to your waistline would be minimal.”

Once the festivities have ended, Keane says your normal routine should see you return to your normal weight fairly quickly.

He explained: “If you did nothing but go back to your normal routine, your weight will go back to normal in about 10 days.

“However, if you want to speed it up, try adding some bodyweight HIIT workouts first thing in the morning.

“Combine this with increasing your water intake throughout the day and throw out the last few boxes of chocolates left in the house.

“Systems over willpower, if they’re in the house, you’ll be tempted to eat them.”

You can get more tips and advice from Brian by visiting briankeanefitness.com.

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