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Flashmob of Irish dancers delight onlookers in shopping centre

Shoppers in Essex, UK were given a huge surprise when a normal day in a shopping centre burst into life thanks to a group of Irish dancers.
The flashmob of dancers put on a stunning performance in the Lakeside Centre and filmed the whole thing.
Flashmob of Irish dancers - delighted passers-by stop to watch a great performance in a UK shopping centre
The video begins with members of the public looking down at the space that has been cleared on the ground floor and wondering what is about to happen.
Then the dancing began. It started with one girl in the middle of the performance area. She gave a short solo performance before being joined by a male dancer.
The two continued to dance to some traditional Irish music and a respectable crowd had started to gather. Slowly but surely more and more dancers joined them in the performance area.
The music changed to a modern dance track and before long and there were 40 dancers strutting their stuff. They gave a fantastic performance.
All of the dancers were dressed in normal cloths rather than any specific dancing outfits or uniforms. It helped them to maintain an ‘everyday’ appearance in keeping with the shopping centre setting even though their dancing was extraordinary.
By the end the crowd were really enjoying what they were seeing. There were plenty of beaming smiles as onlookers of all ages clapped along with the music.
The performance was organised by Aer Lingus Regional to mark their three daily return flights from Dublin to London.
It was also produced by Rathbone Perception Media and the McGahan Lees Irish Dance Academy.
Take a look at the video below.

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  1. Magnificent! This is some of the best entertainment I ever see. Unfortunately I doubt I will ever be able to do it but I always, always, enjoy it.
    Congratulations to those who can do it and most sincere thanks for the performance and the showing of it.

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