Father and son re-enact iconic Home Alone scene

Father and son re-enact iconic Home Alone scene

An Irish father and son have recreated one of the most iconic scenes from the classic 1990s movie Home Alone.
Six-year-old Ollie and his dad Billy played out the roles of Snakes and Johnny in the famous scene used by Kevin McAllister to scare away the Wet Bandits.
Father and son re-enact iconic Home Alone scene
The pair were recorded by Ollie’s mum Emma, and the video is proving to be extremely popular online, as viewers are brought back to the early 1990s when the film was first released.
The scene, if you don’t know, involves an underworld character delivering a parcel to a criminal boss, before the two dispute the payment and the deliveryman is pummelled with bullets by the boss who laughs hysterically before uttering the famous line: “Keep the change you filthy animal.”
Film fans of a certain age will all remember the scene. It was in fact a movie within a movie, as young Kevin was watching the gangster flick, and turned the volume up to the max to frighten away the burglars when they approached his house.
So, Ollie and Billy decided to re-enact the scene – why not?
Young Ollie played the role of Snakes, with his dad Billy playing the criminal boss Johnny.
The video is a little fuzzy in its picture, but the sound is clear as a bell, and the silhouettes of Ollie and Billy add a touch of authenticity to the clip.
Take a look below.

Written by Andrew Moore