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Co Mayo priest re-creates Father Ted scene for charity event

An Irish priest has re-created one of the best ever Father Ted scenes to promote his charity event.

“I hear you’re a racist now Father” was the unforgettable line from one of Ted’s parishioners after he had been caught doing an impersonation of a Chinese person.
Co Mayo priest re-creates Father Ted scene for charity event

As was the way on Craggy Island, the news spread like wildfire and Ted had to defend himself and try to guide his impressionable followers away from that sort of thing.

The scene is one of the all-time favourites of Father Ted fans, and so it made the perfect material for Co Mayo priest Father John Kenny to promote his charity.

Fr Kenny is taking part in the event ‘Pedal, Paddle, Pilgrimage and Party for Pieta House’.

However, he states several times in the video: ‘It’s not a triathlon, it’s just for fun.”

Pieta House is a suicide and self-crisis centre in Co Mayo, which offers vulnerable people help and assistance.

The video has been warmly received by all. Fr Kenny and his co-stars have simply replaced the confusion Ted faced about his ‘racist’ behaviour, with confusion about his ‘racing’ behaviour.

As Ted had to deny he had become a racist, Father Kenny has to deny he has got into racing.

The short video is great fun and a fine tribute to Ireland’s favourite ever man of the cloth.

Take a look for yourself below, and also at the original Father Ted scene.

If you would like to found out more about Father Kenny and the Pedal, Paddle, Pilgrimage and Party for Pieta House then visit their Facebook page.

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