Easter Rising video in Lego by Cork schoolkids

Easter Rising video in Lego by Cork schoolkids

A class of schoolchildren in Cork have marked the Easter Rising centenary by creating their own re-enactment of the historic event – in Lego.
Pupils from 3rd class in Sunday’s Well Boys School produced the shot-by-shot video using the popular toys to tell the story of the Rising from beginning to end.Easter Rising video in Lego by Cork schoolkids
It is a great idea to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Rising in a unique way. The video is engaging and brilliantly narrated by the boys.
There are also clever sound effects added to help bring life to the scenes.
Class teacher Michael O’Connor told Independent.ie: “I love Lego and so do most of the 21 boys in my 3rd class. I wanted to do something for 1916 and thought doing it in Lego would be great.
“I’ve already made some smaller Lego movies with previous classes but this was the biggest one yet.
“Without having to teach the boys anything about the Easter Rising, just the making the movie opens up their curiosity.
“It’s special because it’s something they have created that’s there forever. It took a month to make this and it is less than four minutes.”
The Wells Boys 3rd class can be proud of their work for a long time to come.
Take a look at the video below.