Dublin Airport issues guide to help get through security quickly and safely

Dublin Airport guide to security

As many of us prepare to go on our holidays this summer, there is always plenty of thinking and planning to be done when it comes to what to pack, how to get to the airport and a million other things.
Sitting by the pool with a drink in the hot sun is the perfect way to relax for many, but the ordeal of going through the airport security and flying to your destination can be a stressful one.

So, Dublin Airport has published a handy guide to holidaymakers, to try and take some of that tension out of going through the airport.
After recent terror attacks in Britain, security is understandably at an all-time high and although most travellers understand the extensive checks are there for their own protection, they can still be a bit annoying when you just want to get on the plane and go.
Dublin Airport sees millions of travellers go through its doors every year, and they have issued the following guide to try and help you make your next trip that bit smoother.
For regular travellers they may seem a bit basic and obvious, but they are still handy tips to help you get through airport security that bit quicker and get on with your nice, relaxing holiday.
EU liquid regulation for hand luggage is that all liquids or gels must be 100ml or under and must be presented separately in a 20cm x 20cm resealable plastic bag.
Empty pockets of coins, keys, and phones and place them in the tray provided.
Remove outer jacket, belt and shoes.
Electronic devices such as laptops, iPads and games must be removed from their luggage.
Medication, including liquid medication, baby formula and milk are allowed in hand luggage if essential for use during the trip and should be placed in the tray provided.

Dublin Airport has over 1.3 million seats available on its network of destinations this summer, a 6% rise from last year.
There will be more than 1,000 members of staff in total working over the holiday season, covering the airport’s 33 security lanes 24 hours a day.
Dublin Airport Spokesperson Siobhán O’Donnell said: “Preparation is the key for a smooth and speedy experience through the security screening area.
“This summer we are facilitating about 680 aircraft landing and taking off daily, and we have extra staff on hand to help with extra passenger numbers.
“Our Dublin Airport app is a great travel companion, providing information on a range of services as well as real-time security screening queue times and processing times through US CBP (United States Custom and Border Protection) to help passengers travel through the airport seamlessly.”
With the help of its customers preparing themselves and their luggage correctly, the Airport aims to have passengers cleared through security within 15 minutes, 98% of the time.

Written by Andrew Moore