Security guards remove ‘awful’ Donald Trump impersonator from Ireland’s Got Talent

Donald Trumpet on Ireland's Got Talent

We’ve got used to seeing Donald Trump impersonators on our TV screens over the last few years.

The US president’s voice and mannerisms are a gift to comedians.

Alec Baldwin was the most prominent and his impersonations of Trump on America’s Saturday Night Live seemed to spawn a mini-industry of Trump impersonators across the world.

However, wearing a floppy blond wig and speaking in a weird accent isn’t enough to cash in on Trump’s fame, as one would-be impersonator found when he appeared on Ireland’s Got Talent.

The unfortunate performer, calling himself Donald Trumpet, was booed when his act didn’t go down well with the audience.

Donald Trumpet on Ireland's Got Talent

The 72-year-old failed to impress judges Michelle Visage, Louis Walsh, Jason Byrne and Denise Van Outen. They thought his ‘Trump’ accent sounded more mock Jamaican than authentic Donald.

The night took a worrying turn when the performer suddenly jumped off the stage and started to approach the audience, sparking alarm among the judges.

Jason Byrne told the Irish Mirror: “He could have grabbed one of them [Denise of Michelle] or anything, but I could have just jumped on him. I would have hopped in, I am a real ‘hopper-inner’.

“There were loads of lads in the audience who could have hopped in. My favourite part was how awful his accent was, he sounded like he was from the Midlands or somewhere.
“The best part of Ireland’s Got Talent is that you have good and bad acts and he was just awful.”

Donald Trumpet removed by security

The show’s presenter Lucy Kennedy was given the task of getting him off stage before a security guard intervened. She said: “I was told in my ear get him off the stage and to get rid of him. I am a tough bird and my foundation is Podge And Rodge, so I can take on Donald Trump.

“He was so big, broad and determined, it was like trying to push a fridge off the stage.”

Take a look at the video below.

Meanwhile, Ireland may soon be seeing the real Donald Trump after the president recently said he would like to visit Ireland before the next election campaign.

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