Irish man's anti-snoring invention could save marriages

Irish man's anti-snoring invention could save marriages

An Irishman has come up with an invention that could save millions of relationships around the world – a discreet anti-snoring aid.
The product is already being sold in pharmacies across Ireland, and is expected to be available in the UK and beyond in the near future.

Martin O’Connell is the man behind the product. He founded Nasal Medical, which creates aids to help people breath through their noses.
They have products to help people who suffer with hay fever or allergies, and also to help sportspeople breathe during competition.
The Discreet Anti-Snoring Aid is the latest innovation. It is a small frame that is inserted into the nostrils to open up the airwaves and make breathing easier.
Several happy customers have posted on the Nasal Medical website that the product has worked for them, with some even saying it has ‘saved their marriage’.
Inventor O’Connell spoke about the Discreet Anti-Snoring Aid on
He said: “The Discreet Anti-Snoring Aid addresses the huge problems associated with snoring and mild sleep apnea. But we kind of target the snoring market.
“Basically it’s a device that’s inserted into the nose and opens up the airways for people that have restrictions in the nasal cavity, or people that have deviated septums.”
O’Connell has a background in electrical engineering. His idea for the nasal breathing aids came after the cattle on his family farm were tragically wiped out by tuberculosis.
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Written by Andrew Moore