Revealed – the dos and don’ts of dating in Ireland

Revealed – the dos and don’ts of dating in Ireland

The dos and don’ts for dating have been revealed by Irish people, including the worst behaviours for a first date.

A survey was carried out on 1,000 Irish adults to find out some of the best and worst habits when looking for love.
Revealed – the dos and don’ts of dating in Ireland
It is no surprise that the top quality people are looking for in potential partner is trustworthiness.

Being kind-hearted is considered to be the second most important trait, with being funny the third.

On the other hand, the worst habit for a first date is spending too much time on your phone.

Other unappealing behaviours include having bad manners, being rude to the waiting staff, talking about an ex and drinking too much.

The survey was carried out by iReach.

We all hope to find love in our lives and in this digital age many people turn to online dating agencies in the hope of finding someone special.

Getting set up by friends or colleagues is another popular way for singles to meet new people.

The right and wrong ways to behave on a first date have become a much discussed topic in recent months following the success of reality show First Dates which gives viewers the chance to watch the awkward, nervous behaviour of hopeful romantics.

Other interesting points from the survey were the top locations for a first date.

A restaurant or pub was the overwhelming first choice for people. Other locations chosen included the cinema, the zoo, theatre and an ice-cream café.

It was also revealed that 15% of Irish people have never actually been on a first date, while an unfortunate 23% have been stood up before.

Written by Andrew Moore