Daniel O’Donnell shares joy with fans after two new additions join his family

Daniel O’Donnell shares joy with fans after two new additions join his family

Daniel O’Donnell has shared a personal photo with his fans as he celebrates two new additions into his extended family.

The Donegal singer is normally quite guarded about his personal life but was overjoyed after his niece gave birth to twin girls.

He posted a snap of himself holding the beautiful baby twins in each arm and shared the family’s joy with his followers.

O’Donnell wrote: “Many of you will know my niece Trish who is also my PA from when she travelled with me on the road.

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“I’m delighted to announce that Trish and her husband Neil have just become the proud parents of twin girls Ava and Kayleigh born on September 8th.

“To say we are all over the moon is an understatement.

“We are thrilled for them and the twins’ big sister Mia who has just celebrated her 2nd birthday.”

Fans were delighted to see an insight into the star’s personal life, and were quick to pass on their well wishes to Daniel and his niece.

O’Donnell will celebrate a milestone birthday himself in December when he turns 60.

He will be able to party with his fans as he is booked as the star entertainer for a luxury cruise ship that will be sailing around the Caribbean on his big day.

O’Donnell has been one of Ireland’s most popular singers for decades and he has a huge following, particularly in North America.

The luxury cruise sold out in minutes so O’Donnell’s landmark birthday it sure to be a party to remember.