Daniel O’Donnell to celebrate his 60th birthday with new album and tour

Daniel O'Donnell

Irish crooner Daniel O’Donnell is looking forward to celebrating his 60th birthday in style as he looks forward to a new album and live tour.

The album, titled ‘Daniel O’Donnell 60’, comes out on October to coincide with tours of the UK and the US.

It will be the first time the star has performed for his loyal fans in those countries since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

He can’t wait to get back on stage and interact with, and perform for, the fans because it is important to get back to normal as much as possible.

However, he says that things will have to be a little different due to the covid limitations as he is keen to put both his fans’ and his band’s safety at the top of his priority list.

O’Donnell said: “I never knew the importance of a bubble until Covid, all we are thinking about is bubbles and bubbles at the moment.

“We are still going to be respectful of the limitations that Covid has put on us, and I think it’s great theatres are opening up, but we [the band] will be travelling together, we will be on a bus together, we are aware you have to be careful.

“But we are going out and are just looking forward to playing music and having people in front of us who will hopefully enjoy it.

“I do think too that some people are going to be very cautious about coming out, so it’s hard to know what numbers you will get for the concert tour, its clearly not going to be like it was before.

“However, I felt there was a need to do this, for me the important thing was that we do it, because it is positive.

“We have to be mindful that at the end of the show, where I would normally go out and meet everybody, that’s not possible to do for this tour.

“That will be hard for me, I do enjoy the meet and greet, I get to know the people who come to my shows, I know some of them very well now over the years.

“But I think people will understand the reasoning for this. We need to be grateful for the small steps we can now take.”