Dancing policeman delights crowd in Belfast

Dancing policeman delights crowd at Titanic building

A policeman delighted crowds outside Belfast’s Titanic building by joining in a performance of a dance group and throwing a few shapes of his own.

Ajendance dance company is made up of adults and kids from Belfast and they perform at the Maritime Festival every year.

Dancing policeman delights crowd at Titanic building

Due to the current climate, there was a heavy police presence at the festival, but one policeman showed he was happy to join in the fun.

Annika Graham, Ajendance’s artistic director, explained: “The police officers were doing the rounds and after each performance we had a 15-minute window where we asked the audience to participate.

“His colleagues chickened out but he grabbed the bull by the horns.”

The policeman happily strutted into the middle of the circle of dancers and began to jig along to the music.

He called out one of the kids from Ajendance to lead him, and tried to follow her expert tip toes, quick steps and spins.

The young dancer then stepped aside to let the policeman take centre stage and he brought out a few classics from his own repertoire including the slide to the left, hands in the air and rollers.

All the members of Ajendance followed the policeman’s moves to create a great fun spectacle.

One bystander recorded the impromptu performance, and the video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times so far online.

Annika added: “He was met with such an amazing response by bystanders and all the kids in the video are over the moon that so many people have watched it.

“It shows that even in the hard times that everyone is facing at the moment, dance can always bring a smile and a flicker of hope – as the officer did.

“He is a hell of a man and we would love to create something else with more wonderful members of the PSNI (The Police Service of Northern Ireland).”

You can take a look at the video below, and if you would like to learn more about Ajendance then visit ajendance.com/.

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