County with the sexiest accent in Ireland is named

County with the sexiest accent in Ireland is named

The Irish accent is famous as being one of the sexiest in the world and many people in other countries could happily listen to an Irish person talk all day.
Online magazines and quizzed their readers on which county in Ireland produces the sexiest accent. They also revealed which counties finished last.County with the sexiest accent in Ireland is named
More than 20,000 people voted in the survey and they found that the Co Donegal accent is the sexiest in Ireland. The northern most county of Ireland has produced numerous talented performers and achievers throughout history. Some of the most notable include legendary folk band Clannad and susperstar singer Enya. No wonder they have such amazing singing voices.
Co Donegal has also given Ireland two of the best goalkeepers in its history, with 1990 penalty saving hero Packie Bonner and veteran of the 2002 World Cup Shay Given both hailing from the county.
The rivalry between Dublin and Cork was evident again with the capital taking second place and Cork having to settle for the bronze medal. More people in the survey preferred the Dublin brogue of the likes of Colin Farrell and to the sharp Cork twang of Roy Keane.
On the other end of the scale the counties that were named the least sexy in Ireland were Offaly, Longford and Carlow.
Not good news for actress Saoirse Ronan who spent much of her childhood in Co Carlow, or singer Mundy, who hails from Co Offaly.
Co Longford has given Ireland great characters such as writer Oliver Goldsmith, poet Padraic Colum and the fiancé of Michael Collins Kitty Kiernan, but that was still not enough to keep it out of the bottom three.