Cork is one of the must-visit cities of the world for hipsters

Cork is one of the must-visit cities of the world for hipsters

One of Ireland’s most famous cities has been named amongst the best destinations for hipsters.

Cork, the birthplace of Irish hero Michael Collins, was named fourth in the list of cities around the world that hipsters should visit.

Cork is one of the must-visit cities of the world for hipsters

The list was compiled by travel magazine Days to Come, part of the larger holiday company TourRadar.

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The site named Cork fourth on the list of ‘6 Off-Piste Hipster Travel Destinations’.

It described the city as having “flourishing food and brewery scene and a roster of festivals”.

Cork is known as the Rebel County but it does have a great array of cultural sites to be enjoyed.

TourRadar writes: “Sure there were some years where Cork was simply considered Ireland’s second city, often in the shadow of Dublin, but that was a long time ago.

“Cork has the beloved means to lure travellers, a flourishing food and brewery scene and a roster of festivals have certainly added to the city’s appeal. What makes Cork so appealing as a hipster vacation are the neighbourhoods, small pockets of culture, history and Irish traditions that fuse to bring home an authentic and off-beat city adventure.”

The best city for hipsters to visit according to the list is Victoria, Canada. Naples, Italy was named second, and Nakazakicho, Japan was third.

Cork claimed fourth spot ahead of Glasgow, Scotland and Arequipa of Peru.

TourRadar added this advice for hipsters visiting Cork: “The best way to experience it all is by walking each neighbourhood on foot dipping in and out Irish pubs for food and drinks as often as you can. For those short on time, the Huguenot Quarter is one of our top picks. You’ll find the Cork Opera House and Crawford Art Gallery on Emmet Place, French Church Street is dotted with coffee shops, and on Saturdays, the Coal Quay Plaza hosts a popular farmers market. Bonus tip: foodies should head for the Grand Parade area as soon as they touch down in Cork.”

Cork – former European Capital of Culture

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