Charming Irish youngster tells the story of the birth of Jesus

Charming video - Fantastic animation shows Irish child tell the story of the birth of Jesus

A young Irish child has told the story of the birth of Jesus in a fantastic animation from the brilliant Give Up Yer Aul Sins series.
The series – by Brown Bag Films – has taken long forgotten audio recordings of children telling biblical tales in their own words and setting the sound to an original animation.
The original recordings were created in the 1960s so the children would now be in their 60s!
Charming video - Fantastic animation shows Irish child tell the story of the birth of Jesus
This episode begins with the teacher telling her class that she wants somebody to tell the story of Jesus.
All of the kids were very keen to tell the story but the teacher chose a young girl called Nancy.
Nancy told how Mary and Joseph were walking up the road ‘to get registered’.
However, nobody would let them in. Nancy said that the mean adults look at Mary and Joseph and thought that they were only poor and would only pay a few coppers.
Meanwhile, the mean children were ‘too busy eating their sausages or playing with their toys’ to care.
Eventually they found someone who wasn’t able to offer a room but said they can go in his stable.
Nancy then told the story of the shepherds who were told by an angel that ‘the saviour is born. If you want to go and see him, follow that star in the sky’.
The angel then visited the three kings and gave them the same message. The kings were surprised that the saviour was born in a stable rather than a palace but they worshipped him anyway.
The story then took a darker turn as the angel warned the kings that King Herod wanted to kill the baby. When Herod hatched his evil plan even his servants were shocked ‘even though they were bad’.
Nancy knew the story well and told it in a charming way. The animation fits the tone of Nancy’s narration perfectly to create a delightful video.
Take a look at the video below.
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