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Busker entertains Co Kerry with Donald Trump song

A busker dressed as Donald Trump entertained passersby in Co Kerry with his unique song about the presidential hopeful.

The busker was dressed up with a blond wig and supposedly posing as Donald Trump, and his song was all about the Republican’s election campaign.

Busker entertains Co Kerry with Donald Trump song

The performance gathered quite a crowd as the singer reeled of lines about Trump’s appearance and policies, much to the amusement of his audience.

The singer puts on a great performance and throughout the song he pauses to crack jokes with the public.

At one point in the song he stops to thank a woman who dropped some money in to his guitar case, and explains that he hopes to build an extention on to the back of his house and will name it Trump Tower as it will have been funded by the song.

The song will not be popular with Trump supporters but for those against him, and it does contain some strong language.

The Scottish singer certainly had the Co Kerry public singing and laughing along with him. Take a look for yourself.


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  1. Shirley Duermeyer

    This video needs to go viral. This guy is so funny AND RIGHT. Donald Trump is an arrogant, evil man. I’m not overly fond of Hillary either, but Trump would destroy our nation. ” LIE. lie. lie BULLSHIT” Sing it loud, sing it proud.

  2. Annie Wasson

    Donald Trump for President !!!! To Hell with Hillary ! She can KISS my Irish ASS ! Donald Trump for President !!!

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