Brilliant House of Cards intro – set in Dublin

Dublin gets brilliant ‘House of Cards’ style makeover in slick video

A video production company have created a brilliant take on the House of Cards opening theme – setting the famous music to footage of Dublin.

Just in time for the general election – coming up in Ireland at the end of February – Snollygoster Productions have done a great job of subtly raising awareness of politics in Ireland.
The video is set to the dramatic theme music of the award winning American political series. However, instead of iconic shots of the White House and landscapes of Washington DC, the video features footage that will be instantly recognisable to Dubliners or anyone who has visited Ireland’s capital.
Dublin gets brilliant ‘House of Cards’ style makeover in slick video
It might not seem like a perfect match but it has worked to fantastic effect to create a slick and stylish montage of Dublin landmarks.
Famous Dublin landmarks include the General Post Office, Temple Bar, Grafton Street, the River Liffey, the Samuel Beckett Bridge, the Halfpenny Bridge, the Aviva Stadium, Dublin Docks, the Irish Sea, Dublin Airport, Dublinia Museum as well as several road and skyline shots.
The video ended with the Irish flag replacing the upside down American flag in the middle of the famous House of Cards logo.
The footage was shot on time lapse camera by Darragh O’Doherty. It was taken at night and the result is excellent with people and cars moving quickly against a slow moving dark background lit up by street lights.
It is enough to make you think about what Ireland’s political movers and shakers will be scheming in the coming weeks as they aim to ascend to power – just like House of Cards’ Frank Underwood.
Take a look at the video below.