The best beaches in Ireland have been named and feature paradises all over the country

Keem Beach

The best beach in Ireland has been named, using ratings and reviews left by visitors on Google Maps.

The top ten list featured stunning beaches at all ends of the country, from Co Donegal to Co Kerry with Co Mayo featuring heavily and Co Waterford making an appearance.

The definitive user-generated list of wonderful beaches was compiled by the Irish Mirror, who studied thousands of online reviews of hundreds of Irish beaches.

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The glorious Keem Beach on Achill Island, Co Mayo was named the best beach in Ireland after finishing with the highest number of five-star reviews, (an amazing 1,504 five-star recommendations).

It is perhaps, no surprise as the secluded picturesque beach looks like a haven of paradise and often appears in must visit locations in travel guides.

Visitors who reviewed Keem Beach on Google Maps had high praise for the ‘mesmerising views’ and turquoise sea that approaches the beach from in between the cliffs that surround it.

Reviewer Peter McDonagh said: “Beautiful beach, golden sand and clear water surrounded by cliffs. Decent amount of parking. Public toilets available set back from beach up the hill.”

Daithí Kilcourse added: “Has to be one of the most beautiful views all around coming down to this beach. The beach is beautiful too. Beautiful landscapes all around. Watch out for the loose sheep on the road.”

Iseult Nichoitir gave a five-star review, saying: “Absolutely beautiful place to go camping. Public bathrooms & shop in walking distance from the beach. Some scenic walks both in the hills & along the shoreline.”

Hot on the heels of Keem Beach was Co Kerry’s Coumeenoole Beach, which also had well over one thousand five-star reviews (1,352, to be exact).

Coumeenoole Beach is a favourite spot for surfers and sunbathers alike and is part of the stunning Ring of Kerry, considered by many visitors to be the most beautiful part of Ireland.

Top ten beaches in Ireland

1 – Keem Beach, Achill, Co Mayo (1,504 five-star reviews)
2 – Coumeenoole Beach, Co Kerry (1,352 five-star reviews)
3 – Silver Strand, Glencolumkille, Co Donegal (760 five-star reviews)
4 – Kinnagoe Bay, Co Donegal (298 five-star reviews)
5 – Ballymastocker Beach, Co Donegal (287 five-star reviews)
6 – Silver Strand, Co Mayo (214 five-star reviews)
7 – Carrowmore Beach, Co Mayo (151 five-star reviews)
8 – Ballydowane Beach, Co Waterford (143 five-star reviews)
9 – Fermoyle Strand, Co Kerry (123 five-star reviews)
10 – Dooey Beach, Co Donegal (102 five-star reviews)


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