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Study reveals bald headed men are more attractive and dominant

Bald men are perceived as more attractive, confident and dominant by women according to a study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania.

For many men, losing their hair is a knock to their confidence and a physical sign of their ageing process.

Study reveals bald headed men are more attractive and dominant. Photo of Vin Diesel copyright Andre Luis CC3

However, they may be pleased to hear that losing their locks makes them more attractive to many females.

Both male and female students at Pennsylvania were shown pictures of several men, some with a full head of hair, some with thinning hair, and some completely bald.

They were asked to judge them on attractiveness, confidence and dominance.

On all three categories, the bald men came out favourably to their full headed counterparts. The bald men were also perceived to be taller than they actually were in real life.

In recent times, celebrities such as Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Ross Kemp have made the bald-headed look more fashionable.

All are frequently seen on screen in alpha male roles and have a legion of female fans and admirers.

The study concluded: “Instead of spending billions each year trying to reverse or cure their hair loss, the counterintuitive prescription of this research to men experiencing male pattern baldness is to shave their heads.

“The results of these comparisons should shed light on whether men with thinning hair can alter their interpersonal standing by shaving their heads.”

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