Americans fall in love with Irish sport of Hurling

American sports fans watching Hurling

We all know that the USA is a sports mad country. American athletes excel in several different sports on a global scale.

They also enjoy many sports such as baseball and American football that most Europeans just don’t get. In fact many people in Ireland and the rest of Europe sometimes wonder why the American footballers put on so much body armour for what seems like a game of rugby.

American sports fans watching Hurling

It made us wonder what Americans think of our sports. Ireland, like the USA, has sports that are only played a major way in their native land. Luckily we found a YouTube video of American fans watching a great Irish game.

That game is Hurling, one of Ireland’s most popular sports. It’s a great game that attracts tens of thousands of spectators. However, the majority of people outside of Ireland find it very difficult to follow what is going on.

The YouTube video, from Facts,  shows some American sports fans watching Hurling for the first time, and while they seem to enjoy it, they seem both a little confused and amused by how brutal the game can be.

One spectator said: “It’s like field hockey, except they beat the crap out of each other.”

Overall they seemed to like the speed (and violence) of the game.

In the end they had really taken to Hurling. One said: “If I was flipping through the channels and saw that, I’d stop and watch that.”

Take a look at the video of the American fans falling in love with the great Irish sport.

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