'Chips in a sandwich?' American kids try Irish foods

American kids try Irish foods

A group of American children were given several traditional Irish snacks to try to see how they compared to their more usual treats.
Their tasting tests were recorded by YouTube channel REACT who published the video online.
American kids try Irish foods
The first food the kids were given was the classic Irish snack of a Taytos sandwich.
There was an immediate cultural divide as one young lady said: “Chips are supposed to be eaten on their own, or at least with dip or salsa.”
However, she gave it a go and the crisp sandwich got a decent review from most of the kids that tried it.
Irish Fifteens were the next snack on the menu, and these proved to be quite popular with the kids, once they had tasted them.
Some were sceptical of the appearance of the marshmellow treats, with one kid comparing it to “chewing gum from the ground”, and another questioning how you can eat them without a spoon or a fork.
However, once they got stuck in to the sweet snack, most of the kids were suitably impressed.
The kids were then given Ballymaloe relish. One quote enjoyed it and described it as “like a mini pizza”.
On the other hand, one girl comically described the flavour as “if sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, teriyaki sauce and barbecue sauce had a baby”.
The overall reaction to the sauce was that it would go well in a burger or sandwich.
The round of Cadbury’s chocolate was extremely popular as you might expect, but the kids were more perplexed by Soda Bread, and unsure of how to rate the national snack.
Take a look at the video for yourself below.

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Written by Andrew Moore