Alcohol education is helping deter kids from drinking

Alcohol education is helping deter kids from drinking

Nearly half of junior cycle students in Ireland say they have ‘no intention of drinking’ following their alcohol education lessons at school.

Although Ireland has a reputation as a heavy drinking nation, we are actually not amongst the worst offenders when it comes to excessive binging throughout Europe.

Alcohol education is helping deter kids from drinking

However, there is still an issue regarding over-consumption of alcohol and the health problems that come with it.

Educating children about the dangers of alcohol is key to shaping their future behaviour.

Drinkaware conducted a three-year study of almost 500 students at Maynooth University to gauge the attitudes of young people towards alcohol.

It found that 47% of junior cycle students (aged 12 to 15) had ‘no intention of drinking’ after going through alcohol education.

That is a significant increase on the 30% of students who said they had ‘no intention’ of drinking prior to attending the classes.

The survey also found that the alcohol education was having a slight impact on the attitudes of junior cycle students.

Even amongst those who had not decided to rule out drinking alcohol altogether, 28% said they would delay drinking until they were older, compared to 25% prior to the classes.

However, the issue is far from resolved. Of the students that admitted they do drink, some showed signs of engaging in harmful drinking and developing a bad relationship with alcohol.

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