How to make a Guinness Black and Blond

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A New York City bartender has teamed up with Guinness to create a series of videos that show how to make a selection of Guinness cocktails.

Anthony Malone created the videos for St Patrick’s Day but the drinks will go down well at any time of year.

In this video Malone shows us how to make a perfect Guinness Black and Blond.

The drink combines Guinness blond American lager and, of course, the classic Irish stout.
While it seems like a pretty basic cocktail, there is a technique to it, which if you get it wrong can end up making a bit of a mess of the drink.
To start with you have to pour in half a pint of American lager. You then top it up with Irish stout, which floats on top of the lager.
The result is certainly an interesting looking beer – and it tastes great.

Ingredients for Guinness Black and Blond

10 oz. Guinness Blonde American Lager
10 oz. Guinness Draught
Take a look at the video below.