Irish kids talk about their mammies

Irish kids talk about their mammies

Moone Boy actress Deirdre O’Kane has quizzed Irish kids about their mammies and what they mean to them.

The kids provided some adorable and hilarious insights into their relationships with their mammies.

O’Kane asked the kids how much they think their mammies are worth, if you were to out a price on her. One mammie was valued by her little girl at five billion!

Irish kids talk about their mammies

All the kids agreed that they wouldn’t swap their mammies for anything, and one little boy said he had made his mammy a card to say “thank you for looking after me and thanks for loving me”.

O’Kane then asked: “If your mother was a superhero or a princess, which one would she be?” One Irish mammy was compared to Cinderella because she works so much and goes to parties all the time.

The video was produced by O’Kane as part of an advertising campaign by insurance company Irish Life.

O’Kane is an Irish mammy herself, with two children of her own. She revealed recently that she and her husband keep a close watch on their children’s activities online, to make sure they are not being exposed to any dangers.

O’Kane is most well-known for her role as Irish mammy Debra Moone in the award winning comedy Moone Boy.

She is also a talented stand-up comedian and has plans to turn her attention back to her comedy in the coming months.

Watch the video below.

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