Hilarious video shows young man speaking Irish to his girlfriend’s brother

Have you ever wished that you could speak Irish? It is something plenty of people in Ireland wish they had the time to learn.
Plenty more people with Irish ancestry around the world have also thought about learning the language to help them feel closer to their roots.
hilarious video - The conversation took a wrong turn for this young man when he tried to speak Irish
However, as with all languages, things can get lost in translation for people cannot speak fluently, as demonstrated in a hilarious video.

The video by LinceCraic has proved a hit on YouTube and in the media. It features a young man speaking Irish to a bartender in the hope of impressing his girlfriend.
The bartender is the girl’s brother so it is important that the man makes a good impression. Things seem to be going well until one mispronounced word sends the conversation in a very different direction.
Check out the video below.