Ardal O’Hanlon – one of Ireland’s favourite sons

Ardal O’Hanlon is one of Ireland’s favourite sons. He was raised in Co Monaghan and showed an interest in comedy from a young age.

Ardal O'Hanlon joke. Image copyright Ireland Calling

O’Hanlon co-founded the International Comedy Cellar in Dublin, and also won the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition in 1994.

He then played Father Dougal Maguire in the hilarious 1990s comedy Father Ted. He also starred as an alien with super-powers who wanted to fit into human society in the BBC comedy My Hero.

Ogham, the mysterious language of the trees The Origins of the Ogham alphabet are still a mystery for many historians, but it is primarily thought to be an early form of the Irish written Language. Bealtaine Fire

O’Hanlon has continued to perform stand-up comedy throughout his career. Watch some of his funniest routines below.

Ardal O’Hanlon – Live At The Apollo Part 1

Ardal O’Hanlon – Live At The Apollo Part 2

Ardal O’Hanlon – the difference between the Irish and English

Ardal O’Hanlon – Comedy Roadshow