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Road breakdowns up 5% as number of cars increase

The number of Irish motorists breaking down has risen by 5% during the last year, the AA said.

More cars are on the road and drivers are continuing to battle worn out batteries, which caused a quarter of call outs.Road breakdowns up 5% as number of cars increase

Almost 17,000 motorists attracted a puncture, down just 1% from the last commissioned review, with women the most likely victims.

Conor Faughnan, AA director of consumer affairs, said: “More cars on our roads normally means a higher risk of incidents, which in this case relates to a rise in breakdowns.

“Anyone need only travel via the M50 on any one day to know that there are a lot more people out and about.

“Fuel sales are normally a good proxy figure when determining the levels of activity on the roads, and mirror traffic data. As such, total fuel sales rose by 9% in 2013, 2.2% in 2014 and by around 2.5% so far this year.”

The number of kilometres travelled has increased by 2% this year compared to 2014, and the AA has reported seeing a corresponding higher volume of breakdowns this year.

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The country-wide analysis of over 100,000 AA rescue assignments said malfunctioning clutches and worn-out engines have also prompted motorists to call for assistance over the last year, with the figure static since 2012.

Steering, suspension and braking systems have declined by 1%, with a quarter of motorists reporting these issues normally associated with ageing vehicles.

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