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Rollercoaster ride continues for talented Irish musicians

Things just keep getting better and better for these two talented musicians from Ireland.

Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard’s recent performances have caught the attention of some of the biggest stars in the world – who are only too happy to invite them to perform to ever increasing audiences.

First Murphy and Scolard recorded themselves performing a medley of Adele songs in a video that showed off their skills both on the piano and as singers.

Rollercoaster ride continues for talented Irish musicians  - after performing with Adele they are being noticed all over the word

The video saw them perform several songs such as Someone Like You, Turning Tables, All I Ask, Hello and When We Were Young.

The video went ballistic. Within hours of being posted online it had gone viral and been seen by impressed viewers all over the world.

One of those viewers was the woman who inspired the video in the first place – British superstar Adele.

A few days after the video had been posted Adele performed a huge concert at the 3Arena in Dublin. The lads were in attendance and Adele invited them onto the stage to perform.

A member of the audience recorded the performance and posted it online. It became the second video in a week featuring Murphy and Scolard that went viral.

Now they have caught the attention of another influential woman – American chat queen Ellen DeGeneres.

The lads revealed on Twitter that they have been invited to the States to appear on Ellen’s hugely popular show.

A tweet from Scolard said: “Myself and @GlennJMurphy are boarding a flight to LAX & will be appearing on @TheEllenShow later this week! #PinchUs.”

Murphy added: “I LOVE the Ellen Show.”

It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride for Murphy and Scolard.

Take a look at their original video below.

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Take a look at Murphy and Scolard onstage with Adele at the 3Arena, Dublin.



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