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Impromptu Irish entertainment on Dublin bus

An online video has emerged of a young man playing the uilleann pipes while sitting on a busy night time bus.

As the bus travelled through the streets of Dublin, the man decided to liven up the journey and belted out a bit of Irish music.

While the scene isn’t exactly as typical as many outside Ireland might like to believe, some of his fellow passengers didn’t seem to bat an eyelid. One man got up to leave when his stop approached without even giving backward glance.

Only in Ireland! - Video shows young Irishman entertaining passengers on a  Dublin bus with an Impromptu performance  on the uilleann pipes

However, the other passengers were a little more enthusiastic, with one lady stamping her feet to the rhythm.

When the tune was finished the man received a rapturous round of applause from everyone on the bus.

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Take a look at the video below.


One thought on “Impromptu Irish entertainment on Dublin bus

  1. HelenPilecki

    Just thrilled that I have found this site. I am fist generation and whenever I receive your blog I am with them in Ireland. Keep up the great work.

    06/06/2015 at 3:18 am

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