Great video looks back at 2015 in Ireland

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  1. Kathleen mcgrath says:

    My mother, as a young girl, stood before the post office in 1916. One day in 1989 while having lunch At the Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco, 3 women and 4 men came to our table. My mother had called to them while overhearing their experiences during the Irish Rebellion. (It was one time in my life that I wished I had a recorder)The suffering they endured was incomprehensible. One woman from Cork told stories that brought tears to my eyes. My Dublin mother was caught 3 times delivering food and notes hidden In pockets of her dress that her mother sewed. Her parents helped her escape to England twice. while visiting Dublin in 1999 I visited the prison reading the letters written to the mothers expressing their love and freedom for Ireland. I asked questions but when they asked my mother’s name fear came upon me. In 2009 while traveling in Australia, I learned more about the torture they endured as I stood in the gallows right where young Irish boys were hanged. The tiny cages they lived in were the gravest form cruelty to humanity. I Am an American , 100% Irish and proud of it. The Irish are courageous, compassionate, hard working people whose lives bring joy, music, dancing,storytelling with a twinkle in their eyes to those in their presence. Kip mcgrath

  2. Helen Crozier says:

    enjoyed your video.
    Thanks for posting.
    Helen from Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.
    Happy New Year!!!

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