Enda Kenny says ISIS want to destroy Irish heritage sites such as Newgrange

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Janet Reese says:

    Ireland is not a big country and they have their own problems. They don’t need to take in Syrians who will create their own problems. If they are anything like the refugees the USA has taken in they will try to take over your country and change it to suit them rather than assimilate into your society instead they will want their laws to be used for them instead of following the laws that are already in place. Let the country’s that go by their laws take them in. Ireland don’t get involved.

  2. Barbara cullinane says:

    No we don’t want asylum seekers when people of Ireland are been made homeless

  3. Robert Mac says:

    funny how the media pundits pressuring Ireland overlook the fact that 5 of the richest (and closest, no perilous ocean voyage required) countries in the world Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar, Bahrain and the UAE have taken in ZERO refugees

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