Emigrants could find it ‘harder to return to Ireland than it was to leave’

Michael Kehoe

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5 Responses

  1. Loretta Day says:

    Those who left experienced “Culture Shock” . Having experienced it once, would be easier on returning.
    Remember The Prodigal Son ! He also returned !

  2. Catherine Sims says:

    I made the move home and I haven’t regretted it for one minute !! Somethings have changed but actually much more has stayed the same. Family and friends and familiarity are lovely. Shared jokes shared cultural references it’s felt just like a huge sigh of relief getting home again.

  3. Anthony rush says:

    Love to return really would but I’m married with family now and I see problems on the horizon. I could be drained of all my savings with the move getting a house etc and I would need a job at least €30,000. Also different education system so my kids could have difficulties eg in maths we are in England and the level is lower than Ireland and I know this from bitter experience from when my parents returned in 1977 so you see love to but there are issues . Love the new taoiseach to read this

  4. Philomena Daly says:

    Good article as it is a great topic for many however it does seem a bit one-sided and not enough information on the positive changes that are encouraging people back at this time, Like for example, programs, incentives or any kind of advantages that are available to make the transition easier. Helping returning Irish with setting up in business to create employment with what they have learned abroad, especially those away a long time. Housing options, school etc. Just even a mention here and there of some positive. Job placements. And what about the ones that are sick or getting old or young but not doing well? Are there support programs in place for all Irish that had to leave? Just my thoughts, other than that I enjoyed the article and the writer’s insight. Cheers 🙂

  5. Mary Cahill says:

    Folks think long and hard about coming back I came back during the last boom and I have never settled. I married and had a family so could never go back to USA.

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