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Irish commentator delivers hilarious coverage of Olympic sailing

An Irish comedian has captured the imagination of millions of casual sports fans with his hilarious commentary of a sailing race from the Olympics.

The video caused a major stir during the London Olympics in 2012 and has now re-surfaced online as viewers ask: “Surely this can’t be real?”

Irish commentator delivers hilarious coverage of Olympic sailing race

The video features an Irish commentator who doesn’t understand the rules of sailing whatsoever, but is more interested in adding his own observations about the boats, competitors and crowd.

It will strike a chord with millions of people around the world who enjoy watching sports during the Olympic Games, even though they don’t really understand the rules.

The video was created by Irish comedian Chris ‘The Viper’ Tordoff, who was one of the star of the Hardy Bucks series.

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Take a look at the video for yourself, and stick with it until the end, it is well worth it.


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