Child skeletons offer ‘unique insight’ of life in Famine workhouses

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  1. Cahal Rowan says:

    I agree with PEACEWALKER. It was not a famine – there was no famine in the land as Ireland was producing mountains of food which was all exported. The proper name for it is, as its Irish name, An Gorta Mor, THE GREAT HUNGER. Using the word famine allows those in charge I.e. The Government of Great Britain and Ireland off the hook. Famine suggests total failure of all food supply and can be claimed to be an act of Nature against which any government would be helpless. Hunger, on the other hand, has a human blame attached to it as someone (the government) is withholding available harvested food from those who are starving.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather came from Cork, he never went back to Ireland. I ask why the they were fighting. It’s not a religious war, it’s about control.

  3. dorrie caviston says:

    oh lord what a shame these good people died of hunger some body has to answer to god 0ne day it is not right

  4. PEACEWALKER says:



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