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Over 10 million Irish and British newspaper pages now available to explore online

Jim Shaughnessy, Findmypast

As well as hosting the largest collection of Irish records online, Findmypast offers another valuable resource to anyone investigating their ancestors; newspapers.

Findmypast’s collection of newspaper from the UK and Ireland now numbers over 10 million pages and includes over 60 Irish titles. The amount of information you can get from delving into them is quite amazing.

Irish and British newspaper records at findmypast

While there’s the obvious chance to see if any of your ancestors that made the news headlines, from a genealogy point of view newspapers also provide:

• Announcements of births, marriages and deaths
• Business advertisements which usually include addresses
• Community notices where your relatives may be listed as an organiser or visitor

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Of course, uncovering a story of your ancestor in some unbelievable situation can be just as fascinating and fun!

Findmypast’s 10 million pages are well worth a rummage through. Who knows what you’ll discover?!

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